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To find contact information for local law enforcement, see mylocal.

You may search mycase. The site does not include records for all courts in Indiana, and how far back the records go varies by county. These are records maintained by the county in which the property is located and may be available from the County Auditor, County Treasurer, or County Assessor. To find contact information for county offices, see mylocal. Wills are not usually available online, but may be available in the clerk's office if the will was filed.

To request a certified copy of a will or other estate document, contact the clerk's office in the county where the case is heard.

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Generally, you may request court records and documents from the clerk's office in the county where the case was heard. You may request a transcript for a specific hearing or trial from the court reporter.

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Contact the court or clerk's office to request these documents. You may also search mycase. Some documents in some cases may be available, but if you aren't able to access a document on mycase.

Marion County, IN Public Records

In that instance, contact the clerk's office in the county where the case is heard. Note that mycase. If you wish to make a public records request, you may complete our online form. Article Section Breadcrumbs Courts Public Records Current: How to Request Public Records How to Request Public Records Whether you're looking for your own records, records for family members, bulk data or making a public information request, the information below should point you in the right direction.

Information about dates of marriage and divorce may be searched online, but marriage licenses or certificates are not available for these records: Search for marriage licenses to present Search marriage records before and from forward Search mycase.

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At Indiana Legal Services, executive director Jon Laramore said litigants and attorneys will have to remember to preserve objections and evidence for any possible appeal. Presently, what happens in Marion County small claims courts stays there. The dialogue from the litigants and inquiries from the judge are not in any way preserved.

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  6. When a decision is appealed, the case goes to Marion Superior Court, where the entire process starts anew. With no record to build upon, the small claims judgments are vacated and the litigants must start from scratch. They have to file complaints, responses and motions with the court, and they usually have to take on the expense of hiring an attorney for representation.

    County Court Records USA - Can I Find Them For Free Online?

    The change will put recording microphones in the small claims courtrooms in the nine townships in Marion County to capture the proceedings and create a record. Any rulings that are appealed will leap to the appellate level, where the record from small claims will become the foundation of the arguments.

    Baker does not expect the transition to have much impact on the Court of Appeals.

    Oregon Judicial Department : Marion Home : Marion County Circuit Court : State of Oregon

    However, Chase Haller, housing attorney at the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic, sees the potential for a higher volume of small claims cases to reach the appeals court. As a result, the need for appellate attorneys to provide pro bono assistance could increase. Haller said legal aid nonprofits may not only have to adjust their intake process to handle individuals who want to appeal a small claims ruling, but also will have to start building a network of lawyers who regularly practice in the appellate courts.

    The uptick in appeals could also provide more opportunities for caselaw to be created regarding small claims matters, Haller said. Currently, only a few appellate decisions govern landlord-tenant issues, and those are several years old. But with appeals of evictions or rent-to-own agreements, a ruling would have the possibility of helping individuals and families across the state secure stable housing.

    The importance of having a record was underscored in the October decision in Dyamond Harris v. In reviewing the record, the appellate panel found the landlord had mischaracterized to the Court of Appeals what had actually happened in small claims. Marion County small claims courts have been in the spotlight since the Wall Street Journal in detailed forum shopping and unfair collection practices.