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Through the system, the player can switch between multiple targets if there is more than one around at any time , and also target specific areas of them to inflict damage — a player could either target the head for a quick kill, go for the legs to slow an enemy's movements, or shoot at their weapons to disarm them; for some enemies, they can put them into a berserker rage by hitting specific parts. The chance of striking a different area, displayed as a percentage ratio, is dependent on the weapon being used, and the distance between the character and the target; a character who is a higher level when using V.

S is also more likely to hit an enemy with the system than a lower level character. The use of V. Furthermore, ranged weapons are capable of hitting limbs, while melee weapons focus on the target in whole when using V. During their travels across the Wasteland, the player can be accompanied by a single non-player character NPC companion, who can assist in combat.

Which companion can accompany the player depends on who they have encountered that can join them; it is possible to not encounter all depending on how the game is played. Only one companion may travel with the player, and should they wish to take another with them, the first must be dismissed either voluntarily by the player or as a consequence of other events or die in combat. One unique companion the player can have, that can allow a third to join without issue, is a dog named Dogmeat , who can be killed during the game if the player misuses him or places him in a severely dangerous situation; [13] [14] [15] the release of the Broken Steel DLC, makes it possible to replace Dogmeat, provided the player acquires a Perk that grants the opportunity of getting another dog.

Fallout 3 takes place in the year , and within the region that covers most of the ruined city of Washington, D.

While the city can be explored, much of the interior zones are cut off by giant rubble over many of the roads leading in, meaning that access can only be achieved by using the city's former underground metro tunnels loosely based on the real-life Washington Metro. The region has two major factions within it — the Enclave and the Brotherhood of Steel.

While the Enclave is similar in goal to their western brethren, the eastern branch of the Brotherhood of Steel seeks to assist the people of the Wasteland, though a small group rejected this and became outcasts who seek to resume their original goal of salvaging high-level technology. Other factions include former slaves who seek to inspire others for freedom by restoring the Lincoln Memorial, a group that feast on blood, and a group who tend and care for a region of the wastes where plants have become abundant.

For the first 19 years of their life from to , the player character grows up within the isolated confines of Vault designed to never be opened as a social experiment by the pre-war corporation known as Vault-Tec alongside their father James, a doctor and scientist who assists in the Vault's clinic. While growing up, their father comments about their deceased mother Catherine and her favorite passage from the Bible — Revelation , which speaks of "the waters of life".

Upon reaching their 19th birthday, chaos erupts when James suddenly leaves the Vault, causing the Overseer to lock down the Vault and send security guards after James' child. Escaping from the Vault with the aid of the Overseer's daughter Amata, the search for James across the Wasteland begins at the nearby town of Megaton, named for the undetonated atomic bomb at the center of town, and eventually into the ruins of Washington D. Directed by Three Dog towards Rivet City, a derelict aircraft carrier serving as a fortified human settlement, the Lone Wanderer meets with Doctor Madison Li, a scientist who worked alongside James.

Li informs the Lone Wanderer that their parents were not born in Vault , but lived outside of it, where they worked together upon a plan they conceived to purify all the water in the Tidal Basin and eventually the entire Potomac River , with a giant water purifier built in the Jefferson Memorial , called Project Purity. However, constant delays and Catherine's death during childbirth forced James to abandon the project and seek refuge in Vault , where he took the Lone Wanderer to raise within a safe environment far away from the dangers of the wasteland.

Stanislaus Braun, whom James had sought out for information on a G. Reunited with their father, the pair return to Rivet City and recruit Li and the other project members to resume work at the Jefferson Memorial. As they begin testing the project, the Memorial is invaded by the Enclave, a powerful military organization formed from the remnants of the United States government, which continues to remain active despite the demise of their brethren on the West Coast thirty years previously.

Seeking to stop them from gaining control of his work, James urges the Lone Wanderer to finish his work and find a G. Autumn survives, however, and the rest of the team flees from the remaining Enclave soldiers.

Moral grayness

The Lone Wanderer, accompanied by the remaining Project Purity members, make contact with the Brotherhood of Steel within the ruins of the Pentagon, now known as the Citadel. With their help, the Lone Wanderer travels to Vault 87 to find a G. The Lone Wanderer recovers the G. As they make their way out, the Wanderer is ambushed by Colonel Autumn and the Enclave and is captured with the G.

K confiscated. At the Enclave base at Raven Rock , the Lone Wanderer is freed from their cell by the Enclave leader, President John Henry Eden, who requests a private audience with them, but Colonel Autumn defies Eden's orders, takes command of the Enclave's military, and orders the Lone Wanderer to be shot on sight.

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Despite the setback, the Wanderer meets with Eden who is revealed to be a sentient ZAX series supercomputer that took control of the Enclave after President Dick Richardson was killed on the West Coast. Seeking to repeat Richardson's plans, Eden reveals his intentions of using Project Purity to infect the water with a modified strain of FEV that will make it toxic to any mutated life, thus killing off most life in the Wasteland including humans.

The Enclave, who would be immune to the effects because of their genetic "purity" as a result of their isolation, would be free to take control of the area. Forced to take a sample of the new FEV, the Wanderer leaves the base, regardless of doing so peacefully or convincing Eden to self-destruct. Returning to the Citadel, where news of the Enclave's possession of the G.

After reaching the control room, the player has the choice to either convince Autumn to leave or kill him. Li informs the Wanderer that the purifier is ready for activation, but that the code must be inputted manually within the control room, meaning whoever goes in will be subjected to lethal amounts of radiation. To make matters worse, the purifier has been damaged and will self-destruct if not activated.


I Played Three Hours of ‘Fallout 76’ and I Can’t Stop Thinking About Its Story

Except for the first choice, the Lone Wanderer has the choice of introducing the modified FEV into the purifier or not, which further affects the ending. Whatever the choice, a bright light enshrouds all, and an ending slideshow begins, including any actions they took that had an influence on the wasteland.

Although the main story ends here, the introduction of the Broken Steel DLC creates a new choice with the ending, in that the Lone Wanderer can send one of their radiation-immune companions into the chamber to input the code. Furthermore, the game remains open-ended from this point onwards, with the Wanderer surviving the radiation they were subjected to, and recovering two weeks later to the news that the purifier is working well and supplying clean water to the people of the Wasteland, or has been having an adverse effect on life thanks to the introduction of the modified FEV.

Sarah Lyons does not survive if sent into the chamber in the Broken Steel ending. Fallout 3 was initially under development by Black Isle Studios , a studio owned by Interplay Entertainment , under the working title Van Buren. Black Isle Studios was the developer of the original Fallout and Fallout 2. Leonard Boyarsky , art director of the original Fallout , when asked about Interplay Entertainment's sale of the rights to Bethesda Softworks, said "To be perfectly honest, I was extremely disappointed that we did not get the chance to make the next Fallout game.

This has nothing to do with Bethesda, it's just that we've always felt that Fallout was ours and it was just a technicality that Interplay happened to own it. It sort of felt as if our child had been sold to the highest bidder, and we had to just sit by and watch. Since I have absolutely no idea what their plans are, I can't comment on whether I think they're going in the right direction with it or not.

Bethesda Softworks started working on Fallout 3 in July , [23] but principal development did not begin until after The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and its related extras and plug-ins were completed. Bethesda pursued an ESRB rating of M for "mature" by including the adult themes, violence, and depravity characteristic of the Fallout series.

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They shied away from the self-referential gags of the game's predecessors that broke the illusion that the world of Fallout is real. Fallout 3 uses a version of the same Gamebryo engine as Oblivion , [25] and was developed by the team responsible for that game. In February , Bethesda stated that the game was "a fairly good ways away" from release but that detailed information and previews would be available later in the year.

Fallout 3 - How to join the brotherhood of steel

During a March 21, , Official Xbox Magazine podcast interview, Todd Howard revealed that the game had expanded to nearly the same scope as Oblivion. There were originally at least 12 versions of the final cutscene, but, with further development, this expanded to over possible permutations in the final release, all of which are determined by the actions taken by the player.

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The first live demo of the Xbox version of the game was shown and demonstrated by Todd Howard, taking place in downtown Washington, D. The demo showcased various weapons such as the Fat Man nuclear catapult, the V. The demo concluded as the player neared the Brotherhood of Steel-controlled Pentagon and was attacked by an Enclave patrol. Howard confirmed that, in addition to thematics about slavery and cannibalism , there would be the presence of splatter scenes and exposition of evident mutilations on enemies with release of gibs. Instead of cars that disintegrated because of the damage, the idea of applying kinematics on bodies who suffered wounds and mutilations due to ballistic trauma or beatings.

Emil Pagliarulo , a writer formerly at Looking Glass Studios , was commissioned by Bethesda to write the main script of Fallout 3.

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Pagliarulo took charge of writing the incipit of Fallout 3 , then played by Ron Perlman , and he tried to be inspired by first Fallout ' s incipit, in , which he considered vitally important to describe the story that Fallout 3 would have to tell. The main model to follow, for Pagliarulo, was always the first Fallout , which by his own admission had more the peculiarity of synthesis in dialogues, rather than Fallout 2 , which had a more complex and articulated screenplay written by Chris Avellone , that Pagliarulo defined "a fantastic writer".

The score was composed by Inon Zur , who does not consider himself the only person responsible for the musical work on Fallout 3. The Fallout 3 soundtrack continued the series' convention of featuring sentimental s American big band music, including the main theme, and a few other incidental songs recorded by The Ink Spots and The Andrews Sisters , [36] as well as other artists like Roy Brown , Billie Holiday , Billy Munn , Cole Porter , and Bob Crosby. A teaser site for the game appeared on May 2, , and featured music from the game and concept art, along with a timer that counted down to June 5, The artists and developers involved later confirmed that the concept art, commissioned before Oblivion had been released, did not reveal anything from the actual game.

On June 5, , Bethesda released the Fallout 3 teaser trailer. The trailer, which was completely done with in-engine assets, closed with Ron Perlman saying his trademark line which he also spoke in the original Fallout : "War. War never changes". The trailer showed a devastated Washington, D. The trailer zoomed out from a ruined house in the Washington, D. Fallout 3 was released in five separate versions, three of which were made available worldwide:.

Of the five, Broken Steel has the largest effect on the game, altering the ending and allowing the player to continue playing past the end of the main quest line.

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Originally, there was no downloadable content announced for the PlayStation 3 version of the game. Consumers could pay Microsoft Points, or by having downloaded all other downloadable content. The PlayStation 3 received a free theme, featuring a Brotherhood of Steel Knight in the background, and includes symbols from the game as icons on the PS3 home menu. Garden of Eden Creation Kit was made available for the Windows version of the game as a free download from the Fallout 3 website.

Fallout 3 received universal acclaim, according to video game review aggregator Metacritic.