How to set up out look express mail to comcast

Hope they get started with you. Thanks again. Bud M. Most of the problems in outlook and outlook express are resolved by merely restarting the computer. Outlook error 0xccc0d……this error generally occurs becuase the internet is not connected. I also was getting Outlook Express error 0xccc0d which basically was telling me I had no internet connection. I could get rid of this conditon by resetting the computer, or by turning it off and then back on again.

It would work for about 10 minutes, and then, the same problem would occur. This program found registry problems and was able to fix them.

1. Microsoft Outlook

After that, my computer worked fine. After a lot of internet searching, I ran Registry Mechanic free and that solved my problem. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly. It started after I switched over to Verizon for my internet.

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Thanks for your response,. Go to Tools—Options—General Tab and untick this option. Check your SMTP settings is correct or not. Make sure your network does work properly. My ISP verified that the mail server is up, and that I have the correct name.

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I have been 3 weeks and tried everything, including an hour on the phone to sky. I can only get my emails from the sjy website. It has worked fine for over two years. I ge this message. I am trying to help my brother he cannot send or receive e-mail. He is using oe 6 and running XP. It would be necessary to get the correct settings from the Yahoo website. Concerning Outlook Express in general, it is known to have many problems that will not be resolved because Microsoft has discontinued all support for it. We now recommend that you move to a different email program.

All the existing articles on Ask Leo! Thanks Don. How do I fix this error, I have went through my account and checked all enentries to make sure they were right but I still get this error message. Check domain setting — Thier webservicess working fine.

How to Configure Outlook Express Settings for Comcast Email

Sadr — Tehran Iran sadr post. You can get the proper settings from your Internet provider. We can access the internet, but no email capabilities. I think I have tried everything and still get the error and also this one 0x Can you help? I understand the ISP etc. I had the problem. Then when ATT attached to Yahoo all began to screw up. ATT did so far as to say that if I had a certain account before a certain date I could continue to use Outlook Express.

But if after that, could not. How would I determine if i actually had the referenced account by such date? I simply want to be able to access my email by both webmail and OE. Eventually I might go to Gmail or other and also want to access thru OE. Am so teed off at ATT may just change to Charter. I do not want to have to dive into Registry, Any help greatly appreciated.

If this problem continues, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider ISP. Click on Add followed by Mail. Type your desired name in the display name field and press the next button. Provide your complete email address in the email address field and press next. Choose POP3 in the drop-down. Type mail.

Fix SMTP Server error

Type smtp. Click next. Enter your Comcast username in the Account Name field. Username is the first part of your Comcast email address. Regardless of what service you use for your email, messages sent to you are collected on a server, waiting there until you choose to access them.

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The key here is that it's a separate program for email management that runs on your computer. Web : If you are using web access, you do not run a special program, all you do is point your web browser to a specific URL to reach your email service provider, where you can then access your email. Examples include the default interfaces for GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail and the like.

The key here is that the mail is accessed through your browser but remains stored on the web; it is not downloaded in the same sense that a POP3 client would download to your PC. Which email client you use is up to you. So in the case of the person asking the question, you're quite welcome to use Outlook Express, Thunderbird or any of the many other email programs available. Now, here's where things get a little confusing: many ISPs also provide web access to your email, and many web mail services provide POP3 access to your email.

But for those that do, it's simply an alternate way of accessing your email. It can be convenient, or it can be critically important, depending on how you choose to manage your email. POP3 downloads your email to your PC, removing it from the mail server.

EMail can be read whether or not you are connected to the internet. IMAP downloads portions of your email to your PC, but accesses and leaves the messages on your server. You typically must be connected to read email.

Comcast Email – all you need to know about

So if you've downloaded your email via POP3, it will not be available to your web access. Caveat: even here things can get confusing, since a POP3 client can typically be instructed to "leave messages on server", but that's not a default or common configuration. Another important side effect of this "download or leave on server" distinction is disk space.

If you download your email you are limited only by your own available disk space. If you leave email on your server, then depending on the restrictions in place on that server, you can fill up your mailbox and run into other limitations that might cause email sent to you to start bouncing or just not arrive.

And of course anything you do download you have full control over. For example, you can back it up so that you never lose it.

Outlook Express Tutorial : How to Set Up Comcast E-mail in Outlook Express

Mail stored on a server, once lost, is often lost forever. I think most major ISPs actually include some form of web access to your email, so I won't try and call any out specifically. As I said, traditionally email is accessed from your ISP using a POP3 email program, but web access can provide an alternate way to get at email that hasn't already been downloaded when you're not at your computer, or if you prefer, as your sole means of accessing your ISP's email.

It's up to you. Unofficial solutions for other email programs exist; for example, there's a Hotmail add-in for Thunderbird that seems to work quite well. But again, I have to stress Hotmail itself does not provide POP3 access - any solutions that do so are unofficial and unsupported by Hotmail. Hotmail is intended to be web only, unless you use one of the Microsoft mail programs that have been modified to support it.

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  5. Yahoo mail is even more interesting. As you can see, web based mail services are really intended to be accessed via the web.