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The New York City public library has a pretty fine collection on microfilm, but I find microfilm very unlovely for reading. It makes me sick, like trying to read something outside of a moving car. They realized that they lent them to the Library of Congress 20 years ago and no one had thought to get them back because I guess nobody asked.

They do have a complete run of New York books, going back to He collects telephone books and he has over a thousand, mostly New York but a few hundred from Chicago as well. For his work he often finds people through telephone books — distant relatives who bequeathed money in a will and no one has seen them for 30 or 40 years. I think the reason behind it is money. The white pages are gradually going away.

The yellow pages, if anything, are increasing. In , Congress passed the Telecommunications Bill which, I believe in an effort to spur competition, said that anyone can publish the yellow pages, not just the local telephone company. So yellow pages sprouted all over. There are some areas in the U.

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The yellow pages are also enormously profitable. Everyone knows about movies but no one knows anything about yellow pages. No one wants to get rid of them. The white pages are starting to disappear because few people want them. But they did have to put an ad in the newspaper saying that people could call a number to request the white pages.

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The ad ran in the Cleveland Plain Dealer , and so many people called the number that they crashed the phone call center. In New York, Verizon filed a petition, similarly, to not have to print the white pages. They were using a poll from Gallup that found that 11 percent of households use the white pages, down from 25 percent in The battle though seems to be over opting in or opting out. Opting in would mean that you have to call them and say, yes I want my white pages.

Opting out means you have to call and say please do not send me the phone book. The figure I saw, for various areas, is that if you do an opt-in, only two percent will ask for the white pages.

Africa's 100 best books of the 20th Century

People are too lazy to call, is all. Since my German ancestors came in , all this recent information is useless. I am looking for information from You might as well post phone books for the US and claim millions and millions of added records which do no one any good at all.

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The only probably with older German records and I realize the Ancestry can do nothing about that is that they were written in German. Most German records even if posted would do those of us who do not speak or read German no good at all unless one can find a web site that translates the words-I do know there are some.

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Maybe a link could be done for a web site that would translate the words. Users would perhaps, prefer the ability to add comments that only users would be expected to comment upon, further. Many more of us in the US are descendants of 18th-century immigrants than are descendants of those who would be listed in telephone books.

Of course there would be some Ancestry subscribers in Europe who would be interested in locating their parents aunts-uncles or if wealthy grandparents in these directories.

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That is a good thing. Whish i could se these German records, as I have subscribed to a 14 days trial, but could not get any acces. Thought all was good, but later ancestry have drawn dollars from my account. Then try to email you, but cannot without submitting once again, and if i do so, do you draw another amount from my account??? Now i try this and i will go on writing here, if i do not get my rights. And that is NOT acces to the informations on your site, but my money back.

Have NO trust in you!!!! Vibeke Christiansen. Interesting comment from Cyndi regarding records.

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We generally categorize all content as a record at Ancestry. Perhaps we are too loose with our definition. What would you call them? We generally try to use a term to refer to all the new content we post and names or records tend to bubble to the top.

We do try to consider the extra value of the more established and long-term members of our site. Regarding 14 day blog postings. I think it helps keep the blog lively and up to date. I need to discuss this further to better understand all the issues with this. Regarding the free trial cancel not working please call support. They should help you get it straitened out. You can also cancel online. The main point you seem to be missing is that of all the US customers who have German ancestry such as myself, those that can benefit in any way from 20th century phone books is a tiny minority.

The only thing we can use is church books and civil registration records. Family History Library book E4ca. Canadian Sourcebook. Don Mills, Ont. Editions before were called:. Family History Library book B5c.

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