How to record from vinyl

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What do you need?

Test play your record and make sure the input levels do not reach "red", adjust input volume if necessary. Click "Record" and once you are finished hit "Stop". If using Garageband go to the "File" menu and select "Save As". The default file type is AAC. FYI, iTunes files are kbps. MP3s optimize and compress file size.

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The equalisation settings are different from audio IN, and aren't suited to recording music. This can lead to poor quality digitised audio. You may find that the volume is quite low on the initial recording.

Vinyl revival

If that's the case, follow these steps to boost it. It's best to export files in lossless WAV quality, but Audacity can export to MP3 as well, which is a compressed format suitable for portable music players such as iPods and smartphones. Audacity doesn't include an MP3 encoder due to licensing restrictions, but you can download one called LAME through Audacity for personal use.

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Note that LAME isn't available for free in all territories. Restrictions are outlined in Audacity's legal disclosure. Skip to content Skip to footer navigation. Top of the content.

What you need

By Peter Zaluzny peterzmedia. Vinyl revival.

How To Record Vinyl To Computer

Last updated: 22 March Before you begin What you'll need equipment Connect your turntable to your computer Set up the software Audacity Convert your record to digital files Save the tracks to your computer Before you begin Clear a big working space that you can occupy for extended periods. What you'll need 1x turntable with stereo audio output or inbuilt stereo audio cable these are usually red and white. See step two under Connect your turntable to your computer. You can download it here. If your amp doesn't have a phono IN port, you may need to buy a phono preamp or turntable with an inbuilt preamp.

Vinyl 101: How to Make a Vinyl Record

Receivers include a built in radio, which is the only difference. If your turntable has an inbuilt cable, you won't need one of these.

So, when you print, keep this limited market in mind. The average independent artist only prints a few hundred records at a time. You may need to cut songs from your CD to fit the constraints of the vinyl. You may lose some fidelity.

How to digitise your vinyl collection | What Hi-Fi?

You may also find that the high frequencies drop as you move to vinyl. You can deal with this and make an excellent-sounding record if you have the special know-how. Check out this article on how to prepare your music for vinyl.