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The Marriage Certificate shows where the ceremony took place, who performed the ceremony and the date of the ceremony. Please use the following descriptions to help determine which type of Certificate you will need. Abstract Certificate : Has bride and grooms names, date married, date of recording, and certificate number.

Marriage Certificate : A copy of the actual certificate of the ceremony. The marriage official who performs the ceremony has ten days to submit the marriage certificate to the Clark County Recorders office for recording. Normally a certified copy of the certificate would be available one day after the certificate has been received from the official.

Most agencies listed above require Proof of Marriage. In this case multiple copies of your Marriage Certificate may be necessary. Each certificate is embossed with the counties official seal, showing authenticity.

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Las Vegas Nevada , the wedding capitol of the world. Many people come to this marriage Mecca to wed then head back to their daily lives within days of the big event. This is only the beginning.

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So what are you going to do now that you are hundreds of miles away and you need you marriage certificate? Searching for lost ancestors?

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Marriage certificates can offer vital information for Genealogical Research. Order Your Certificate Today.

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Provide as much information as you can. Most office supply stores and the County Recorder's office carry the forms. It is available online at Access Clark County. Read the Declaration of Homestead form carefully.

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Be sure to fill in all of the blanks. Sign it before a notary and print your name beneath your signature. You next record your Declaration of Homestead by taking or mailing the form to the county recorder's office.

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Although you may mail the form to the County Recorder's Office instead of personally delivering it there, it will take considerably longer for your Homestead to be recorded. If the home or mobile home you are homesteading is in Clark County, you must take or mail your Declaration of Homestead to the Clark County Recorder. The Recorder's office will record your Declaration of Homestead and return the form to you by mail. You can record your homestead at almost any time. You can record your homestead even if you have already lost a lawsuit.

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  5. You can record it and protect your property even if the person or company who sued you has already made plans to sell your home or mobile home. You can record the homestead and protect your property at any time before your home or mobile home is sold. You may have to make a new Declaration of Homestead if you move or if your personal life changes. To protect your home, prepare and record a new homestead form if you:.

    Charleston Blvd. Homestead Has someone threatened to sue you or is there a judgment against you?

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    A homestead will not protect your home or mobile home if the judgment is for: Taxes. The mortgage or deed on the home or mobile home. Improvements made on the home or mobile home.