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Following publication, the newspaper will issue you a Proof of Publication. File this Proof of Publication with the Clerk of Courts prior to your hearing date, if possible, or bring it with you at the time of your hearing. In some cases, additional information may be needed by the Court, especially in name changes for minor children under the age of 14 years.

If this applies to your case please read the instructions on the appropriate form and the area on the Basic Steps to Handling a Name Change. If you were not born in the State of Wisconsin, it is your responsibility to contact the office of Vital Statistics in the state of your birth to find out what is required to amend your vital records there. The Clerk of Courts has a listing of the address and phone number for the vital records office in every state. Return to the Clerk of Courts office immediately after the court hearing.

A clerk will collect the additional, necessary fees and costs from you. No cash can be accepted for the Bureau of Vital Statistics fees, payment must be by check or money order. The fees include the following:. Check should be made payable to State of Wis. Vital Records. If you were born in the State of Wisconsinthere is a fee for filing a certified copy of your Order for Change of Name in the office of the Register of Deeds.

Birth Records

You will need to check with the Register of Deeds office as to the amount of their fee. If you were born in a State other than Wisconsin, it is your responsibility to contact the office of Vital Statistics in the state of your birth to find out what is required to amend your vital records there. Check should be made payable to Clerk of Courts.

Additional filing fees may be required if other vital records, such as marriage certificate, need to be amended.

Washington County Criminal and Public Records

You must be a resident of Washington County to apply for an occupational license in Washington County. If you are revoked for 5 years because you are a habitual traffic offender, you must apply in person at the Clerk of Courts office at the Justice Center, Rolfs Avenue, Room , Monday through Friday between A.

For any other suspensions or revocations, you must apply at the Motor Vehicle Department in the county in which you reside. In addition to the general guide, you may also find small claim forms and summary sheets located on the Wisconsin Court System Website at: Circuit Court Forms - Small Claims. Before starting a small claims action it is suggested that you make a formal written demand for payment to the other party.

Forms & Fees (PDF)

Send a certified letter asking for settlement. Make it clear you intend to take legal action if settlement cannot be reached, informing them that all court costs will be added to the amount you are seeking. Allow a reasonable amount of time for the other party to contact you before commencing the action. Small Claims actions are filed in the county where the defendant lives or where the action took place.

A corporation must be represented by an attorney or a full-time employee authorized to act on its behalf.

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Washington County Small Claims Court requires personal service of the summons and complaint on the defendant. You may contact a private process server or the Sheriff's Department of the County where the defendant lives to serve your papers. The clerk will total the amount of the judgment. How can I start a small claims action and where do I get the forms? Note: This link will direct you to an online Small Claims Wizard that will assist in filling out small claims forms.

The State of Wisconsin circuit court eFiling system allows attorneys and parties to electronically file new cases and documents for various case types including small claims actions. It is recommended that you download the State of Wisconsin's brochure: eFiling for Attorneys: A quick reference guide , which contains information that may be useful to prose individuals as well.

I've been served with a small claims action, how do I file my answer? Box , West Bend, WI You do not need to appear if the Answer is filed, the matter will be set for a Trial to the Court and you will be mailed a notice of the Trial date and time. What is the procedure for filing a counterclaim? What will happen if I appear in court on the date stated on my citation? The date on your citation is your opportunity to have a pretrial conference to attempt resolution of the case with the District Attorney's Office if your citation was issued by the Washington County Sheriff's Department or the Wisconsin State patrol.

If you reach an agreement, a Stipulation and Order will be filed with the court. If you do not reach an agreement, a form will be filed with the court indicating that an agreement has not been reached and the case will be set for a court trial at a later date. Must I appear in court on the date set forth on my citation and can the court date be changed? It is not mandatory that you appear in court; however, the court date cannot be changed.

If you are unable to attend the scheduled court date and you wish to have a pretrial conference or a court trial, a not guilty plea must be entered in writing by the end of the day on the court date set forth on your citation. You will receive a notice of a pretrial conference or court trial date. Failure to make a plea in writing or to appear in court by the scheduled court date may result in a finding of guilt and the imposition of a forfeiture amount. You may enter a "not guilty" plea at the pretrial conference which will be held on the date listed on your citation or you may submit a written "not guilty" plea by mail or fax.

All not guilty pleas must be received by the end of the day on the court date set forth on your citation. Payment of the citation in full should be included at the time of entering a not guilty plea. You will be notified of a pretrial conference date or court trial date. Can the citation be paid without entering any plea? If you do not wish to have a pretrial conference or court trial, the citation may be paid without entering a plea.

It must be paid on or before the scheduled court date. You will be found guilty by default and the bond amount will be applied to the citation.

Discovery in Divorce, Separation and Domestic Partnership Cases in Washington County, Oregon

The case will be considered closed. When is the amount on the citation due and how can it be paid? You are required to pay the citation in full before the court date regardless of your plea. You can pay in person at the Clerk of Courts office with cash, check, money order, or a credit card. If making payment by mail, a check or money order must be sent. Make checks and money orders payable to the Clerk of Courts. Credit card payments may be made by contacting PayTrust Solutions at Anytime payment is made by credit card, there is an additional fee.

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If you are unable to pay the bond amount stated on the citation on or before the court date, you must contact the Clerk of Courts office at to request an extension. The dollar amount written on your citation consists of a base forfeiture amount and statutory surcharges and fees.

Thank you!

If you are found guilty and you fail to pay, a civil judgment may be entered with statutory interest, tax refund intercept, defendant's driving privileges suspended Traffic cases , revocation of the defendant's Chapter 29 privileges Department of Natural Resources cases , and other collection methods. The following information does NOT apply to cases requiring a mandatory court appearance; it only relates to non-criminal traffic and forfeiture violations. Mid-Moraine Municipal Court processes citations from all other municipalities within Washington County. Paradise Dr. Please review your citation carefully to determine if it contains the address of Mid-Moraine Municipal Court or the address of the Washington County Circuit Court.

The Washington County courts and the clerk of courts office are located in the Justice Center which is accessible off of Schmidt Road. Courthouse Wedding Information. For information regarding courthouse weddings please contact the County Clerk Office. Home : Departments : Clerk of Circuit Court. Clerks are required to maintain records of all documents filed with the courts, keep a record of court proceedings, schedule court hearings, and collect various fees, fines and forfeitures ordered by the court or specified by statute.

The office is also responsible for selecting and notifying potential jurors for jury service. Choi and Orput said some of the most promising cases include low-level drug offenses and property crimes such as theft, but added that they will consider all expungement requests. The county attorneys not only want to help former defendants who have changed their lives to expunge old convictions, they want to make the promise of expungement part of plea deals.

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