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He does not think the state should change laws to account for the aging offender population. Researchers have found that the chance of recidivism decreases by half every five years an offender is out of prison, said Jill Levenson, professor of social work at Barry University and an expert in sex offender treatment and policy. This is already happening, according to sheriff's offices responses in the state's accountability office survey.

Residency restrictions are the most common hurdle for offenders searching for housing, with unwilling property managers a close second reason. Both contribute to the growth of enclave communities where offenders live together, usually in mobile home parks. There are no known, comprehensive lists of communities or neighborhoods that accept sex offenders.

Some in Florida include a St. Petersburg trailer park that was the subject of a documentary called "Pervert Park.


Lori Nassofer, who helps sex offenders 55 and older find housing in Central Florida, owns three mobile home parks near Orlando. The business of finding offenders housing is booming. There are no vacancies in Nassofer's parks. He said he receives 30 to 40 calls a week. He is kept busy coordinating housing for sex offenders recently released from prison. Sex offenders in Florida must already have an address they will live at before they can leave prison. Finding housing is considered one of the biggest barriers for sex offenders recently released from prison.

Sex Offenders in Escambia County

Federal rental assistance in public housing is not available to sex offenders. Johnson said sex offenders risk being gouged for rent when they have no other options. At Nassofer's parks, most offenders already own their trailers or rent from each other. Many of the offenders have Social Security benefits, Medicare and Medicaid. Some get financial help from family or friends. Few have jobs. Most of the elderly offenders in the park have relatively younger roommates who take care of them. Johnson takes care of elderly in his park, including a man in a wheelchair.

When Bailey's doctor told him he could no longer drive because of the dementia, Casey started using Bailey's Lincoln to take him grocery shopping. Gail Colleta, an advocate for sex offenders, has asked lawmakers to consider lifting the state's residency restrictions if an offender is a certain age or has ailments.

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  7. Bailey has given up trying to take control. Sitting in a fold-out chair at the picnic area of his mobile home park, he pointed at the ground.

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    Calendar Events. Discuss possible defenses with your attorney who will advise you which of these best applies to your situation. If you are his client, you can count on the Tampa sex crime attorneys at Hanlon Law to protect your rights at every stage, and to treat you with the dignity and respect that you deserve. Let us fight for your freedom. Any delay in retaining a top-rated sex crimes lawyer in Tampa could potentially harm your case.


    Call Will Hanlon without delay if you have been arrested or even questioned by police. He has been successfully defending the accused against criminal allegations in Tampa and the Central Gulf Coast region of Florida for twenty-five years.

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    Contact Will Hanlon today. Can I be prosecuted for messaging a minor about having sex through the internet in Florida? Yes, you can be prosecuted for intentionally soliciting, luring or enticing a minor into sexual conduct over a computer in Florida. If the juvenile has received an adult conviction for a sex crime, or if they were an adjudicated delinquent, they will be required to register as a sex offender in Florida. Are Florida sex offenders allowed to have social media accounts or use the internet? In Florida, sex offenders can have social media, use the internet, email and use computers.