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A good practice is to get some rice paper wraps for your vinyl. These are pretty cheap and they help protect the records from dust and other unwanted dirt that you definitely want to keep away from your collection. The main thing you are looking to avoid is having a weight being pressed down on top of the vinyl.

Building a record collection

Other factors you want to protect your vinyl from is excess humidity, heat, direct sunlight or anything that could damage them indirectly. This simple nature of vinyl storage allows you to be creative, too.

You can keep them in places where they can make the space around them more attractive. Let your creativity loose and have fun with it. Just remember, however, to store your vinyl vertically. Never store your vinyl horizontally meaning, never stack one vinyl record on top of another because the heavy weight of the vinyl at the top of the stack will cause the vinyl below it to bend and warp under the crushing pressure.

When you feel like listening to a certain album, take the whole package out of the storage. That means the vinyl, its cover—everything. Remove the record while making sure that you only touch the very edges of the vinyl. Place the vinyl on the turntable and either position the tonearm manually or press the button dedicated to that function. Speaking of which, make sure that you have set your tonearm properly.

How to Start, Build, and Preserve a Perfect Vinyl Collection | Digital Trends

Check that the counterweight assuming your record player has one is set to the right value and be gentle when you are placing the stylus onto the record. After you are done listening to that record, make it a habit to store away your vinyl as soon as they are not in use. One more thing. If you have a lot of used vinyl, it would be a good idea to get new outer sleeves for them. Depending on how old they are, the original covers could actually deteriorate to a point where they start releasing various chemicals, which can damage the vinyl.

Blank or clear plastic covers are cheap although, you can certainly pay more more for super clear, thick plastic and you can always save the original ones in a different place. We are going to put this into a bullet point format so you can go over it easily:. Owning a vinyl collection is one of the most satisfying things you can experience as a music fan. Having all of that high-quality music around you is pure magic for those who appreciate good sound and a fun listening experience.

The advice we gave you in this article should be taken as broad guidelines which will help you form healthy fundamentals of vinyl storage and use. Others will have to buy or build special containers for their vinyl. Before you can start bidding, we need some additional information. Why collect vinyl? There are a number of great reasons. Not only does playing LPs provide a sense of nostalgia, but the vinyl records business is booming right now. Whether you collect as an investment or for fun, the question remains: how do you start a vinyl collection?

Our in-house vinyl expert, Jeroen Hamelink , is an avid vinyl collector himself and he shared his top tips for starting a vinyl collection. Read on to discover more. There are those who buy records for investment purposes; buying special edition records and keeping them in their sealing in order to resell for profit at a later date. And there are those who buy records purely so they can enjoy the music. Of course, you can do both. You can create a great collection of superb albums to enjoy that nostalgic sound of music, whilst also looking out for a few special edition, mint condition vinyl records that you leave sealed and just enjoy looking at — and can sell later for profit.

Firstly, if you collect vinyl records for the fun of listening to them, you need a good turntable with speakers and an amplifier to make the most of the music with. While new remakes are quite affordable these days, if you wish to enjoy the detail and warmth of a vinyl record, an original turntable is often a better choice. Which artists and albums you should add to your collection again depends on the type of collector you are.

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We love records. We adore almost everything about them: their look, their feel, the large-scale cover art and easily readable sleeve notes. CDs are easy. Pop them into the disc drive of your computer and rip away.

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Records require a bit more work — but the results can be worth it. There are numerous hardware configurations, but the basic building blocks are: a turntable of course , a phono stage , an analogue-to-digital converter with USB output, and a computer with suitable recording software. It seems complex, but the system can be simplified.

Usually referred to as USB turntables, these are a convenient way to get music on vinyl into your computer. The downside is: most tend to be at the budget end of the market and concentrate merely on getting the job done rather than doing it particularly well. If you already have a turntable, the best option is to buy a decent USB phono stage.

Such units pack phono stage, analogue-to-digital converter and USB output in one neat box.

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