78 rpm vinyl record sales

78 RPM Record Collections Wanted

Determine the current value of your vinyl records based on recent sales, then list for free to sell them to collectors worldwide. Follow three steps to find the value of and sell your vinyl records using Discogs, the largest vinyl record marketplace on the web. Most albums have been released more than once, resulting in different release versions. Some of these pressings are worth hundreds of dollars. If the record has a barcode, scan it with the Discogs App to find it immediately.

Use the full guide to identifying information on vinyl records to find other clues. The condition of your records will greatly influence their value. Generally, if your record and sleeve are unopened, have never been played, and have no visible damage, it will be worth more. Records that are warped, sleeves that are bent or scratched, and ones with water or other noticeable defects will be worth less. However, even records in Poor condition can retain some value. The vinyl resale market uses the Goldmine Grading Standard , which provides grades Mint to Poor, with about 6 ratings in between depending on condition.

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Genre see all. Last night my dad showed me a few of these records over Skype and the ones I saw appeared to be in very good to near mint condition. They have all been stored in boxes in a dark, dry location, untouched for probably 50 years. My dad says there are maybe — single 78 RPM records in individual nondescript sleeves, but there are also maybe 15 or so multi-record sets in very colorful book-like folders. The colors of these folders still looked amazingly pristine to me over Skype. And where do we take it to sell?

Do we sell items individually or as a lot? Does someone come and get it or do we ship it or take it somewhere? BeatlesBop , Nov 8, Condition is everything. You can do one of two things: 1. Sell each on eBay.

The 10 most expensive vinyl records ever sold | thimapherousa.tk

Offer and see what price you get. Grade accurately. Last edited: Nov 8, Steve Hoffman , Nov 8, Robin L likes this. Have a yard sale, charge kids three throw for a dollar to toss baseballs at them. Give cupie dolls as prizes. Sadly, very few 78s have any value whatsoever, and, presuming your aunt is white and had typical tastes for her generation, there is very little likelihood there is anything of value.

Blues records and rare hillbilly records have value.

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  • Spinning at 78 RPM with Record Collector Gary Herzenstiel | Collectors Weekly.

Pop, white jazz, major label stuff, very little. Most dealers won't even take them. Well preserved albums that's why they are called albums, they were several sides, bound together have some market, especially if the graphics are cool, but not much.

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I once destroyed an autographed Mario Lanza trying to ship it to New England. Good luck. Location: Long Island, NY. Your best bet, honestly, is asking on the forum right here, to people who know what they would be looking at and might be interested.

30,000 Dusty 78rpm Vinyl Records Are Now In a Digital Archive

You may also consider selling them as a lot to an auction that specializes in 78s, I remember there being one put together every year or so but I can't remember the name of the man who runs it for the life of me. The unfortunate truth is, the majority of 78s are not worth very much. Regardless of age I see record stores and people alike throwing them out all the time because they just can't give them away sometimes.

This is true of those sets, which while they look gorgeous, with a very few rare exceptions, usually can't be given away let alone sold.