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For more information on this program, we suggest you first contact the individual who is officiating your ceremony, your church, or a ministerial counseling service; local universities sometimes offer this type of counseling as well. At this time, we are unable to maintain a list of providers who are offering this program.

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If you are divorced, your divorce must be final for over 30 days before getting a new marriage license unless you are remarrying the same person you just divorced or your divorce was obtained in another state Once you obtain your marriage license, there is a 72 hour waiting period before you can get married.

If you are active duty military the waiting period is waived Texas does not require a blood test to be conducted on the marriage license applicants The license is good for 90 days after the date of issuance If one of the applicants is not able to be present for the purchase of the marriage license, an affidavit of absent applicant for marriage license must be completed and submitted at the time of the application for the marriage license, along with an original picture I.

There can be only one absent applicant.

Unless, both applicants are members of the United States Military, and only if both are stationed overseas in support of a combat or other military operation. An affidavit must be supplied to our office for each absent applicant. The affidavit is only good for 30 calendar days. This requirement includes inmates, no photocopies or notarized affidavits. Weddings in Houston and eastern Texas, where nearly a quarter of couples reported having black-tie weddings in , were the only exception to this trend.

Overall, though, semiformal weddings were the most popular in all regions of the state. The main takeaway here is that you can feel free to do what works for you for your Texas wedding, whether that's groomsmen in boots and jeans, straight-up black-tie elegance or somewhere in between. One wonderful aspect of a Texas wedding is the opportunity to incorporate some of the state's cultural traditions into your celebration.

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Whether you give a nod to Texas fashion by wearing cowboy boots under your wedding dress or honor Mexican heritage by having a live Tejano band play your reception, you can season conventional American wedding traditions with Texas flavor. There are plenty of opportunities to embrace local culture while getting married in Texas, from a country-casual rehearsal dinner to a reception dinner that features barbecue or Tex-Mex. Your creative wheels are probably already turning out great ideas for your Texas wedding.

But you may be wondering what you can accomplish and what you can afford.

Do Marriage Licenses Transfer from State to State?

Budget isn't usually the fun part of a wedding, but it is a necessary step in the process. So how many couples are actually getting married in Texas?

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Hundreds of Texas couples responded to our Real Weddings Survey, and they revealed interesting insights into wedding budgets. Getting married in Texas can either be quite expensive or quite affordable, depending on where you get hitched and how you approach the process. Houston's ranking as one of the most expensive places to get married may be explained by its correlating high proportion of black-tie weddings.

Still, that doesn't necessarily tell the whole story.

Marriage License Requirements- State of Texas

If you want to be able to plan your budget and pull off a beautiful Texas wedding on a dime, consider the budget breakdown averages for different parts of the state listed in the chart above. This may help you get a handle on where the most expensive Texas wedding venues are and how you can save money by taking on some DIY projects. You can also use our budget tool to help keep you on track as your wedding day approaches. However, the following five places stand out as the most popular wedding destinations in the state:. While we hope that planning your wedding feels like it's filled with fun events like cake tastings and finding the perfect DJ or band, there are some strings attached to tying the knot in the Lone Star State.

Texas couple to sue after clerk refuses to issue marriage license

Understanding the ins and outs of not only getting your Texas marriage license, but also taking care of details like permits and changing your name s , is equally important in the weeks and months leading up to saying "I do. You can get a marriage license in Texas by visiting a county clerk's office in any Texas county. You can apply in a different Texas county from where you will be married, but you'll have to return the completed license to the same county where you applied after your ceremony. A copy of the license will then be filed at that county clerk's office, and the original license will get returned to you.

Though licenses are issued on the county level, Texas marriage laws dealing with the license apply throughout the entire state. For example, the State of Texas requires a hour waiting period between receipt of the marriage license and the actual performance of the marriage. There are some exceptions; for example, members of the military and other employees of the Department of Defense don't have to wait.

It's probably best to apply a few weeks before your Texas wedding date if you can; you'll have 90 days before your license expires, which gives you plenty of time to plan ahead. When you both appear before the clerk, you will need to meet the following requirements to get your Texas marriage license:. Getting a license is only the first step to following Texas' marriage laws. After you get your marriage license in Texas, you'll need to find an approved person to conduct your ceremony. Luckily, Texas' laws about marriage officiants are simple. The following people are authorized to conduct your Texas wedding ceremony:. As long as your officiant meets these requirements and is competent to fill out his portion of your marriage license, you'll be good to go. Your officiant won't need permission from the state, and Texas doesn't require registration for wedding officiants.

Other legal requirements, such as whether your Texas wedding will require a permit, depend on local laws. The City of Galveston, for example, doesn't require permits for weddings held on public beaches so long as the event doesn't disrupt the public use of the space and doesn't involve the use of chairs or amplifiers. Corpus Christi doesn't require weddings in public parks to get permits, but you will have to notify the park management staff and work with them to organize your event.

To get married in one of Houston's public parks, however, you'll need to get a permit. Working with an experienced event planner who's local to the area where you're getting married in Texas can help you avoid having to deal with these kinds of logistical headaches. The last legal hurdle you'll have to clear for your Texas wedding is changing your name s. After that, you'll just need to go through the process of changing your name on your bank accounts, government IDs, credit cards, bills, work payroll account and any other accounts with your name.

OK, so you know how to get married in Texas and how much it might cost you, but when are you going to do it? Whether you're considering outdoor Dallas wedding venues or plan to get married indoors in Austin, timing your Texas wedding is important. Across all regions in the state, winter is the least popular season for getting married in Texas.

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Spring is a common choice, with about a quarter of weddings in all parts of the state except for West Texas happening during this time of year. The marriage license may be used anywhere in the State of Texas. To apply for the marriage license each applicant shall submit:. After 3 days the application will be removed from our queue and you will need to complete your application again. Applications are also available to complete when you visit our office. Applicants will need to complete the following in the office to obtain the marriage license:. To apply for an Informal Marriage License each applicant shall submit:.

This is the only way that a person can obtain a certified copy of either a birth or death certificate. Immediate family members Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Grandparent can also purchase a birth or death certificate for you.