Could not find a mailbox

This error can occur due to lack of access to the license, or it can be a temporary issue that will resolve by itself.

GFI Archiver Mailbox Restore Tool Error: 'Could not find mailbox' – GFI Support

In this article, we take a look at the best solutions to fix this error once and for all. The new email address may take some time to work properly mainly due to network or licensing issues. You can wait for 48 hours and see if the error is resolved by itself. The banner comes with a recommendation to use Office content searches New-ComplianceSearch instead.

Until now. Search-Mailbox can only process mailboxes and knows nothing about the other data sources inside Office It has no GUI to make searches easy to build. But Search-Mailbox does one thing very well: it finds and removes mailbox items better than other tools currently do. Office content searches are very capable.

Create or delete mailboxes in Mail on Mac

Content searches also have a preview feature to sample a small set of search results to figure out if the search criteria are correct Figure 2. Once you find items with a search, you can apply actions to them.

How to export Office 365 mailboxes to PST using eDiscovery

The direct comparison to Search-Mailbox is that you can set up a compliance search action to remove items from mailboxes using the Purge action. Only Exchange Online supports the purge action. Purges can be hard, in which case the item is permanently removed from a mailbox, or soft, which means that the user can recover the deleted item. You can only set up and execute a purge search action through PowerShell. For example:. Search actions usually complete quickly. You can then review the success of the action by running the Get-ComplianceSearchAction cmdlet and checking the content of the Results property.

Unfortunately, this only tells you how many items Office removed. To find more information about the deleted items, you need to search the Office audit log for the matching HardDelete or SoftDelete record Figure 3. I thought this had been fixed however it has not and it is slowing down work progress. Please fix this asap. The new interface doesn't show your Name in the list on the left so I can't right click and add additional shared mailboxes to my list.

Are you following the right steps to access your Message Centre mailbox?

In the old view, I can add a shared mailbok by right-clicking my account name and choose "Ad a shared folder". In the new view, the account name is missing. We atre using company, department and function shared mailboxes. If they are to be followed up, we need to see them in one view - not in another tab. In the new Outlook I get a similar message when I try to "Open another mailbox".

It's been very difficult to access the shared mailboxes. Very frustrating. With both versions of Outlook - user B name appears as a separate name at same level as original account. On new version - click on on user B - "Can't complete request - you might not have permission to complete this action".

Re: Can't find mailbox

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