Obtain a certificate of birth abroad

A CRBA is the equivalent of a certified birth certificate, and can typically be used for legal purposes such as applying for a passport or providing proof of U. A CRBA can be obtained by downloading and filling out our quick, easy application and submitting it along with all required documentation as described on the application. State Department.

CRBA - First Appointment

Definitive turnaround times are not available as they are dependent upon volume and workload of State Department personnel. State department within about four to eight weeks from receipt of completed application and required documentation, but may take longer in certain situations.

State Department as quickly as possible.

Records and Authentications

If you encounter issues when opening this form, please open in Adobe Acrobat Reader. This article covers the different ways you can apply for your passport , as well as what you should do if you are a U. A Letter of No Record is issued by the State and includes your name, date of birth, which years were searched for a birth record and the fact that there is no birth certificate on file for you. It's basically proof that there's no record of your birth in the United States, and you'll need to send this off with your passport application.

In order to get a Letter of No Record, you'll need to speak to the government of the state in which you were born, and get in touch with their Department of Vital Statistics -- this is the only department who will be able to issue this letter.

What to Do If Your Parents Didn’t Register Your Birth Abroad?

They'll be able to search their database to see if your birth is on record. If not, they'll provide you with a Letter of No Record.

If you have a right to U.S. citizenship, what's next?

You can expect this process to take about a week in total. Once you've received your Letter of No Record, it's time to start gathering additional documentation as evidence of your citizenship. These documents are referred to as Early Public Records.

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Here's the full list of what you can use:. Make sure that these documents are early public records that show your name, the date, and place of your birth, and that they were created within the first five years of your life. It must be notarized or show the seal and signature of the acceptance agent.

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This is a birth certificate that is filed more than one year after your date of birth. You'll be able to apply for this and use it to get your passport as long as it lists the documentation that you used in order to apply for it and a signature from either an attendant who was there for your birth or an affidavit that has been signed by your parents. If you were born abroad and do not have a Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certificate of Birth on file, the Department of State has the following instructions for you to follow:.

An affidavit of your U.

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