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Kellie's daughters babysat my children when they were young, which gave me the opportunity to really know them as individuals. Riley and Delaney are both exceptionally kind, responsible, independent, resourceful, assertive, happy, bright, and helpful.

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Even from a young age, they had an acute awareness of the world, adapted easily to new surroundings and unexpected challenges, and navigated life with curiosity, wonder, gratitude, and openness. I strongly suspected the journeying they did as a family contributed to the development of these attributes. I always hoped that when my daughters were old enough, I could overcome my fears and directional challenges so they, too, could gain a worldly education. It came as no surprise that Kellie was the first person outside of my family that I told about the prospective African Road Learning Trip my daughter Natalie and I went on last summer.

Although Kellie and I no longer lived in the same state, I reached out to her knowing she would have wise words of guidance and encouragement. Kellie's immediate words were far from what I expected, but exactly what I needed.

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I was speechless. Kellie knew very little about the trip, only that I felt certain Natalie and I were supposed to go, but I was scared to go abroad. In the end, Kellie was not able to go along, yet those five words fueled me in ways I cannot explain. I often thought about one of the most memorable responses I received when I posted a collection of photos from the Learning Trip to Africa.

It was from a beautiful writer on the other side of the country. I surprised my introverted self by asking the woman if we could talk on the phone.

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The lovely woman and I talked for over an hour, finding that we shared a similar pain. But through the meaningful connections I experienced in Rwanda, those debilitating thoughts were put to rest. In fact, for as long as I live, I will refer to the words of Annete, a young preschool teacher at the Togetherness Cooperative with whom I bonded. My eyes instantly filled with tears. I felt myself exhale.

Different — for the first time in my life — was not something to be ashamed of. Different was good and not only did she accept me the way I am, she also celebrated the way I am.

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Because of the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi, there are few living elders in Rwanda. It was incredibly moving to see the way Steven regarded my parents and sought their guidance and wisdom throughout our time together.

Not only was it beautiful to see the way my parents accepted Steven, but it was clear to see how special they felt to be regarded with such admiration, love, and respect, given our culture often undervalues and dismisses the senior population. My dad provided his contact information so they could keep in touch and money to buy meals at the airports. Steven said it brings him tears of joy whenever he thinks about it. When she finished, Steven said he felt compelled to pray for Avery and asked her if he could. I fought back tears as Steven prayed for my child.

He had no way of knowing that she was sleeping in a restrictive back brace in hopes it would stop the aggressive curve of her spine.

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And when I later told him of this situation, he and his entire community began to pray, as one does for family. Although I could understand how the customer may have missed the note about the delay in delivery from Africa, I could not understand her hurtful accusation.

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She accused us of making up Alice to make money. It took some time and introspection, but I came to the understanding that perhaps this person could not believe in Alice, her remarkable story , and our divinely orchestrated friendship because it is something this person has never known. Want this by email? Sign up here. For half a century, companies were mostly run for all stakeholders , Andrew notes. The economist Milton Friedman helped change that by declaring that businesses should focus solely on profits.

Now, companies should think beyond shareholders , the Business Roundtable said yesterday, adding that they should also invest in their employees, protect the environment and deal fairly with suppliers. Not every member of the Business Roundtable signed on: Blackstone and G. And the WSJ editorial board dismissed the move as political spin that is unlikely to shield C.

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President Trump continues to boast that the U. White House officials dismissed a payroll tax cut — for the moment. And Mr. Trump clearly worries about the economy, despite bragging about its current strength. Attorneys general in more than a dozen states are preparing to begin an antitrust investigation into the tech giants, Steve Lohr of the NYT reports , citing unnamed sources.

But state investigators plan to do so soon, though the precise timing is not yet set. Many people do either only Sadhana or only Seva, and Lord Krishna does not spare either. Feel total oneness with Me. Good and bad things will happen, but be detached. Click To Tweet. If you are willing to look beyond what is already known