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He will consume their every waking thought.

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He will consume their subconscious thoughts. He will be all that your friend can see as they gently float ever downward, much like a feather in a breeze, until they finally reach true madness. Opinion The struggles of growing up with an ethnic name. Opinion Personal essays are never just personal.

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Opinion Callout of callout culture is justified. Satire Top 10 considerations for an Uber Copter future.

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Opinion Title X should fund all birth control methods. Opinion One year later: Perspective from a Tree of Life congregation member. Close Menu.

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Submit Search. Close Back to Article. Brad Pitt would make a rad Pitt prank. Share on Facebook.

Share on Twitter. Share via Email. Close Modal Window Hang on for a minute Leave a comment. Allison Dantinne, Senior Staff Columnist. New York-based photographer Victoria Will faced a challenge. She was in a small room with noting but floral wallpaper, a huge table and some chairs.

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In a few minutes time Brad Pitt would enter the room to have his portrait taken. Here is how she did it. Journalists and photographers had been invited to a press junket at local hotel.

When Victoria opened the door to the room she had been assigned to, she discovered a box-like space with floral wallpaper and no furniture except for a huge table with chairs. And for those users who only visit legitimate websites they know about, there is also bad news. The biggest hack trend of the last year has been compromising perfectly legitimate websites to serve malware - witness this week's large attack on the website of BusinessWeek magazine.

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For Internet users there is no easy escape, only the awareness of the growing number of pitfalls. This story, "Biggest Malware Lure?

Brad Pitt" was originally published by Techworld.