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If there were an emergency I'm afraid I couldn't get it undone. Is anyone else having issues with this buckle? Is there a recall for it? I had purchased the Cosco sprinter infant travel and from day one it has been a pain in the butt.

Cosco Alpha Omega Elite 3-in-1 Car Seat in HMR

Never mind having to go out and buy a different car seat for in the car after using it with my son for 3 weeks because it doesn't fully click into the base and is very unsafe for car rides. God forbid I got into an accident, that car seat would fly out, but the stroller itself is a pain to open. The handle is placed in a weird spot to open it and is always a hassle, but yesterday when I went to unlock it my finger got smashed in between the bars and now my finger nail is a nice purple bruise underneath. This is not the first time I have gotten hurt with this stroller and since I see it not being the last I will now have to go buy another stroller.

And there should be something done to fix both problems before a child or anyone else gets hurt. I sent them an email about it 2 weeks ago. Got an answer asking for the model numbers, and no response after I sent it to them. Today I used the stroller again and it got my finger so hard that I believe I broke the tip of my finger. It is so swollen and black and blue. I can't even move it. This product is going to hurt somebody. Thank God it was my finger and not my 2 year old's that was right next to me. It needs to be recalled. Seriously, I cut the palm of my right hand moving the Costco car seat model bvl , moving from one auto to another.

The seat has two sharp, pointy duh! It's very dangerous! I cannot work today due to a deep cut in my right hand. I have a Touriva car seat, and the seat pad kept on having issues coming undone. While driving one day, my son started crying. I checked to see what was wrong, and he had the elastic strap around his neck from the seat coming undone.

We after then made sure and put a lot of Velcro in the most vulnerable places. To top it all off, the other day, he was in his car seat and I heard a pop.

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The bar that goes across in front had popped out of the hole where it is held, and it is completely broken now, not to mention unsafe. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. As first time parents, we weren't too sure what to look for in a car seat We just despise our Eddie Bauer car seat made by Cosco, and we wished that we could give it back The front buckle is impossible to clip and the car seat itself weighs a ton before loading baby in. I just hope that it is safe and after reading some of the other comments, I have my doubts.

It's too bad that a person finds out their seat isn't safe until after a tragic circumstance occurs. We realized how horrible this Eddie Bauer car seat was when a friend loaned us a Graco car seat for our second vehicle. What a treat it was to use! The unfortunate part is that our stroller is not compatible with this Graco seat. We thought that we were going with a reputable company and the cost of the product was comparable to other similar products.

We had used this car seat for just over a year. The other day, we were driving down the street and heard a horrific bang and thought that maybe someone had thrown a rock at our car.

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This not only shocked us, but we have vowed to never buy another car seat without a good recommendation, or guarantee from the manufacturer that they stand behind their "safety" products. We bought our newborn baby an Eddie Bauer Travel System with the car seat and stroller. After using the car seat for just a couple of months, we noticed that the straps would come loose and at times after we would buckle him in, we would notice that the strap was totally loose and laying on his shoulder.

It would come loose in the back of the seat. We contacted Target where we got the seat and they said that they would just exchange our car seat. The new one did the exact same thing. If we didn't check that the strap was well into the buckle on the back of the seat, it would come loose about every 4th-5th time of putting my son into the car seat. If we would have been in an accident or even had to brake hard, my son wasn't even strapped in and could have been seriously hurt.

We have tried to contact Eddie Bauer. They referred us to Cosco. At Cosco, we kept getting the runaround and never got a straight answer about what we were to do. We are worried about the straps coming loose every time we drove in the car. We constantly had to check them to make sure that they were secure and had plenty of strap through the buckle.

As is probably typical with any new parent, I spent a great deal of time agonizing over the best choice of car seat for my child.

Child Car Seats From Britax, Cosco, Graco, and Harmony Break in CR's Tests

I purchased a Cosco Alpha Omega. I went with a company that is reputed to be synonymous with quality, comfort and safety. My child was born in the winter so it wasn't till the summer that I realized the problem a major problem. Under the safety arm that comes down in front of the child is plain thick plastic. It has no covering whatsoever. When I put my child in, there are several exposed parts of plastic so that when it is hot outside, my child's car seat becomes, at the very least, extremely dangerous, something like a torture chair.

These seats might be okay to use any booster seat is better than none but should always consider finding a booster seat that does adjust the seat belt properly, which is the whole point of using a booster seat:. Booster seats are meant for children over age five to use until their seat belts fit correctly. Meaning, the lap belt portion must lie across the upper thighs and the shoulder belt should cross the child's chest.

If it's too high, it can harm your child's internal organs if there were a crash.

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A six-year-old girl in Virginia was recently hospitalized because she wasn't in a booster seat , and the seatbelt nearly and literally cut her in two. Her mom says, had she been sitting on a booster seat, this wouldn't have happened to her.

How To Adjust Straps Or Reassemble Cosco Scenera Next Car Seat

No matter what kind of booster seat you're using, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind. Also, when it's installed, the seat shouldn't move more than an inch in any direction, Heayns adds. It's also a good idea to register any booster or car seat with the company's website, because they'll notify you if there's a recall. Overwhelmed by choice? Check out some of the Good Housekeeping Institute's top-tested picks , which have all been vetted by engineers to make sure they're safe and easy-to-use.

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