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Online newspapers are considered public records, too, and they're updated frequently to include recent criminal reports. Obituaries that are listed online is another way to search public records on the web. It's one of the best ways to learn if someone has passed away.

A similar public records search is for gravesite records.


Websites like Find A Grave provide millions of memorials you can search through to confirm a death record, and many even have photos of the gravesite for extra proof. Most if not all birth certificates aren't public information, but there are ways to search for birth record information online for free through other public records. For example, a genealogy website often includes birth details such as when and where people were born, who their parents are, whether they were adopted, etc.

Local newspaper sites are another solid way to search public birth records. Not everyone releases a birth announcement, but some people do. To order your official birth certificate, you can use a service like VitalCheck. Family trees are online listings of how people are related within a family, so they're a great public record of who's married to whom, whether someone has passed away, how many children someone has, and maybe even where people are currently living. If you still can't find the public records you're searching for, consider using a regular web search engine like Google or Bing.

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They serve as excellent general search tools that can look across lots of websites at once instead of the specific ones listed above. Share Pin Email.

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He writes troubleshooting content and is the General Manager of Lifewire. Updated September 25, How to Find Obituaries Online. How to Find Birth Records Online. How to Research Your Family. However, here are some other resources for finding public records:. Census Bureau. So she started using freedom of information laws, which make government records available to the public, to force the local government to open its vault of genealogy records. So far, the group has successfully gotten state records from New York, New Jersey, and New York City the city has a records archive separate from the state.

Burial Records & Death Records in the UK

You have just got to admire the folk behind ReclaimTheRecs. Not only are they doing family historians in the US a huge service, but they have a great sense of humour in the face of absurd government officials.

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Ganz says her mission is to help fellow genealogists, but she also sees it as a David and Goliath battle over government records. DNA testing gets all the attention these days — from shining light on your ethnic background to identifying serial killers — but for real genealogy buffs, searching for the paper trail in old censuses, wills, and marriage records to build a family tree is a hobby that they will happily spend money on for years.

While some records can be found for free on sites like FamilySearch. It has other nongovernmental records, like phone books and yearbooks, and from groups like the Daughters of the American Revolution. In September alone, Ancestry added six new records collections, including marriage records — for several counties in Texas; New Jersey Marriage Index —; and Beaver County, Pennsylvania, tax records from — The way Utah-based Ancestry obtains these collections varies.

Sometimes a representative from Ancestry will reach out to a local government archive or historical society and offer to take on the costs, labor, and machinery needed to scan and digitize their records. For a local archive with a tiny budget, the digitizing costs could be absolutely prohibitive. Scans or photographs of the historical records must be taken with expensive equipment.

Then all the information has to be transcribed by actual humans so that the names, dates, and locations are searchable digitally. In exchange we received a copy of the scanned images and access to Ancestry.

Free Death Records

There was some back and forth between Ganz and an official at the DOH over several months about how the scanning would take place. That someone turned out to be Ancestry.

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In a sense, Ganz and Reclaim the Records had won their battle: They got the death index without even having to pay the fees and were able to send it to the Internet Archive to be viewed for free by the public. The agency rejected it. Ganz and Reclaim the Records decided to sue the Department of Health, demanding it give up the communications, which they think could show a state official giving Ancestry preference.

Ancestry declined to give BuzzFeed News a copy of those emails. Lewis B.