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It went by the name Claggetville but some called it West Sherman. The line passed south of Sherman through what would become Mesick, leaving Sherman without a railroad. Claggett apparently coerced the residents of Sherman to help build a rail spur connecting to the then Ann Arbor Railroad with his mill, thus getting a rail connection closer to Sherman.

The settlement was likely nothing more than a company town, however The town was platted with grand plans. In addition to the station, there were two mills, a hotel and a rather large company store, and a very few homes. It is probable that the founding of nearby Mesick in drew attention away from Glengarry as a village. The aerial imagery is overlayed with the placement of buildings from the plat. The birds eye view above shows the depot behind a string of boxcars.

One mill is near the top right corner.

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The second mill and Mercantile store were off screen left. A sliver of the hotel can be seen on the far right side of the image, even with the jog in the road, lined up with the row of small houses. Photo courtesy of Mike Hankwitz, G.

Gregory Collection. Claggett's mill in June of and built a station, calling it Glengarry, probably to avoid confusion with the overpass and interchange at Claggetts. Colorized postcard of Glengarry Mercantile that once stood in the ghost town of Glengarry, Michigan. There was once a rather grand Mercantile store for such a small town. According to the plat map, it even had its own rail siding. The postcard image includes some bunting hinting that this might have been the grand opening.

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All that is left now is a foundation on private property. The foundation can be seen on Google Earth at N44 o Google Earth clearly shows that the postcard image shows the east facing wall. The town of Sherman, the early county seat of Wexford County, was devastated by three fires, that last one in that destroyed the business district. Both Sherman and Glengarry slipped into oblivion with the growth of nearby Messick. Map by A.

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The River Branch, which ran up the Manistee River valley to Grayling, was actually 7 miles longer than the main line between Manistee and Traverse City. The branch started 1. Mileage charts show it 1. Some sources date the beginning of the River Branch to when a mile and a half long spur was laid from a point 1.

After considerable study, it is my belief that such a connection was made from Maple Grove, another 1. In construction began on the River Branch itself, possibly utilizing part of the an original spur here. Thirteen miles of new track was laid to a point on the Ann Arbor Railroad called Claggetts. In the branch was extended another seven miles to Buckley. Two more miles were added in The line was extended thirty-six miles to just north of Sigma. The branch was completed to Grayling on July 3 rd , , where it connected with the Michigan Central Railroad.

The first train rain on the Fourth of July as an excursion from Grayling to Manistee. This train utilized every available passenger car and even used some freight cars with benches added temporarily.

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From then on, two trains each way between Manistee and Grayling, every day but Sunday. The geographic center of Michigan is located in Wexford County, approximately 5 miles north-northwest of Cadillac. Michigan is a unique state in that it consists of two separate peninsulas into the Great Lakes. Click here for a Michigan Close-up. Michigan covers 96, square miles, making it the 11th largest of the 50 states and the largest state east of the Mississippi River. The highest point in Michigan is Mount Arvon , at 1, feet above sea level. The lowest point in Michigan is feet above sea level where Michigan meets Lake Erie.

The Land. Michigan, one of the leading manufacturing states, is a leading tourist state as well.

Touching on four of the five Great Lakes, the two land areas of Michigan give the state a shoreline of 3, miles, second in length only to Alaska. Michigan also supports over 11, lakes. Michigan's two separate land areas are called the Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula. They're connected by the five mile long Mackinac Bridge. Michigan Close-up.

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Climate All temperatures Fahrenheit. This record high was recorded on July 13, at Mio. Average yearly precipitation for Michigan, from to , is shown on this chart from Oregon State University. Sources: The World Almanac of the U.

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