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You can continue doing your genealogy research while you are waiting for your budget to support a subscription membership again. Even if you are a member of one or more subscription sites, the quality free sites make excellent adjuncts to them.

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Each state has its own section within the U. The information on these pages is all user-contributed, so it can vary in quantity and quality. Some places may have a ton of information, while others may have very little. You may find such things as old newspaper records, census records, land records, family Bible records, tax records, cemetery records, old journal and diary records, old photographs, and more.

Some of these records are not on any of the subscription sites, because they are submitted by users from their private collections, or from their own local research discoveries. This totally free website has records, photos, and sometimes even biographical information from hundreds of millions of graves around the world. The database is fully searchable by name, location, and even individual cemeteries.

This site is excellent for finding previously unknown burial locations for ancestors, as well as birth and death dates you may not have known.

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All information on this site is user submitted, so information included with each entry varies, as does the completeness of the records for each cemetery included on the website. There are millions of records from all over the world here, all for free, and more are being added all the time as the church collects them. Some records are found on subscription sites, while others are found nowhere else online.

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Add in airfare, hotel bills and incidentals A big new area is DNA testing. One of the costliest temptations is to travel back, to see where your ancestors came from, and do more research on the spot.

And I confess, it was an astonishing feeling for me to see the original birth certificate of John McGee, born in Ayrshire as the French Revolution was raging across the Channel. In Ireland, officials in tiny County Leitrim struggle to find stuff to brag about. She had names, and very rough locations. With that in hand, she had flown into Shannon airport. Could he help her find the Cafferty family?

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Who do you think you are? And how much are you willing to spend to prove it?

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This kind of commitment to your roots is not without cost — sometimes a high one. Topics US personal finance US money blog.

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