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Reporting the news of Ian's decision to King will result in a sizable amount of good Karma regardless of Ian's ultimate choice. After Ian's decision, the Family and the residents of Arefu are considered to be the same faction even before the deal is made with Vance. Vance may also be convinced to either not attack or to defend Arefu if he and the family are not already dead. If the player simply asks Vance to stop attacking Arefu, he will agree. Through a successful Speech , Medicine , or Intelligence check, the player can also convince Vance to enter into a deal to use blood packs instead of attacking the residents of Arefu.

Regardless of the conversation choice, Vance will award the player with the Shishkebab schematics , after the initial conversation about the deal is over. If the player brokered a deal between the family and Arefu, they can return to Vance after the deal is relayed to King and ask to be shown the ways of the vampire. The player will then be taught to drink blood and awarded the Hematophage perk which modifies blood packs to heal 20 HP instead of 1 HP. If the player suggested the Family guard the town in exchange for blood, Alan will be dispatched to Arefu, fulfilling their end of the deal.

At that point, you can enter Alan's residence in Arefu located at the entrance to town, near the Brahmin pen to find a copy of Pugilism Illustrated on a table in the corner. After successfully dealing with the problem of Arefu, each of its inhabitants will show their gratitude in the following ways:. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. I killed them, okay?!

My mother and father are dead because of me!

Contents [ show ]. Quests in Fallout 3. Categories : Fallout 3 quests Fallout 3 achievements and trophies. Hidden category: Articles with verified bugs. Side Quest: Blood Ties. Speak to Evan King in Arefu about their troubles with the Family. Speak to Lucy West in Megaton and agree to deliver her message. Check on the residents of Arefu and find the Wests dead. Report back to Evan King, where he gives you four possible locations for the Family.

Investigate Hamilton's hideaway.

Investigate Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema. Investigate Meresti trainyard.

Where do you find the FAMILY?

Locate the Family, negotiate your way past Robert and search for Ian West. Speak to members of the Family to get the terminal password. Convince Vance to give you the terminal password. Research the Family's ways and speak to Vance. Kill the Family. Speak to Ian. Ian decides to leave the Family.

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Ian decides to stay. Inform Vance of Ian's decision and arrange a truce with Arefu. Reward: Schematics - Shishkebab. Return to Evan King and finalize the truce.


Reward: XP and good Karma. Based on our expert review. Based on 57 reviews. Based on reviews. Add your rating. Parents say 57 Kids say August 23, This game is one of the best in this generation of games. This game will easily, easily last you more than 60 hours long. Me and my child switched off nonstop, eager to see what would await each of our characters next. Fallout 3 is not for children. I'll give you that. But Fallout 3 is a very, very fun game, and you shouldn't be sheltering your child from this experience.

The game is bloody, but you can turn off the blood and gore on specific systems. PC, and , I believe The game also has quite a bit of language, but if your child is above 13, they've heard all of it. I'm pretty tired of hearing people scream and yell that their child's mind will be poisoned from M rated video games. While I do agree this game is not suitable for ages 10 or under, easily a 13 or 14 year old could play it with no problems.

There's no sexual content from what I could find, and I explored everywhere and there are some virtual drugs in the game you can take to enhance your abilities, but you risk getting addicted. The messages can either be positive or negative, because the game works with a morality system. If you're nice to people all around, they'll be nice to you. But being bad has many perks, as does being nice. Overall, this game is perfect, and one of the finest games this generation. It feels totally worth the 60 dollars I paid, as you can play it for an upwards of 60 hours, and not get bored and parents, you shouldn't let your child miss out on this title.

This title contains: Positive Messages. This review Helped me decide 1.

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Had useful details 1. Read my mind 1. Report this review. Adult Written by RabbitKit April 24, And then the violence. It really isn't that bad. For 12 year old kids and over I'm pretty sure they have seen a violent movie. For a good game it doesn't even cost that much. And the swearing? Your kid has probably already heard the swear words. As long as they understand not to use them I think everything will be fine. Had useful details. Read my mind. Parent Written by V August 28, Not for kids or even teens I am a thirty-something gamer.

I ran an arcade when Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat were in. I was the clerk people came in to play.

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I play most of the games out there and I can tell you everything about Fallout 3 because I actually played it. A lot. Fallout 3 features total dismemberment, head, legs, arms and you can see eyeballs roll off objects if you explode someone's head. There isn't "drug use", you can buy and sell drugs or even steal them off of people. You can take hit contracts assassinations on targets and the language used is not fare that would be acceptable in any less than R film. The entire environment is depressing after awhile.

There was nothing like it at the time. The game is excellent, for grown-ups. The rating on the violence should be max. Helped me decide. This game has gotten a lot of smack for being a really bad game but it really isnt unless the conditions are right. Over all this game isnt that violent on average. As ESRB workers it is our job to honestly review games and this is my honest review. A lot of us post our true feelings about games outside of work. Educational Value. Positive Messages.

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Positive role models. Adult Written by Manic Bulldog February 15, It's definatly not for them. Definatly a must have for any adult gamer.