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There are 8, acres of federally owned park lands in Cobb County. Cobb is one of the fastest growing counties in the U. This page is dedicated to the memories of two men, Joe Lattanzi and Don Suessmith.

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These men were patriots whose residence in Cobb County changed many lives, mine included. Joe and Don were the best of friends.

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Joe taught thousands of students, including my mother, at Campbell High School. Don, well, he was my grandfather. During the turbulent days of the seventies, when people were burning flags, Joe and Don sat on the front porch with a shotgun bound and determined to protect the United States flag that they so loved. True patriots.

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I love you, Granddaddy. Rest in Peace. See you in 60 years or so. As a general rule, I do not get involved in "do-gooder" causes. However, the right to life is tantamount and genocide everywhere must be stopped. All cemetery photographs are Copyright Richard Pettys, Jr. All rights are reserved. Permission is given to non-commercial and personal use.

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